dust, dusk and sesame seeds

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Novel
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Dust, Dusk and Sesame Seeds - The Novel

Quote from the book

“Through love arises a sense of respect. And respect gives way to fear. But this fear is different from the fear we normally experience. Fear arising out of love is fear in its most divine form. If love brings people together, it’s fear that keeps them from falling apart. It is what makes them responsible to each other. In this sense, love and fear are but the same thing.”


Title: – dust, dusk & sesame seeds: Fiction

Author: – Siddhartha Choudhary

Format: -Paperback

ISBN: – 9789380154398

Publisher: – Leadstart Publishing

No. of Pages: 132 Pages

Read a Random Extract from the Book

About the Author


Basera is a small village situated on the foothills of the Sahyadri ranges, and like any other village in India is awaiting transformation. Here you find interesting characters.

Babua is puzzled by the constant reverie he is into. He learns life’s lessons by arriving at his own conclusions. Kancha, his school friend, disapproves of the life in the village and finds happiness in a newfound path.

Saloni is determined to set the pace of Basera’s development. With this hope she tells a miraculous story to the children. A story that is designed to change lives forever.

Siddhartha Choudhary paints a pretty picture of life in Indian villages and addresses different social issues, namely how the evil of illiteracy haunts the rural society.

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  1. Amit Poddar says:

    a gr8 piece of work… The work is commendable considering that it is siddhartha’s 1st book… The book has some real thought provoking lines and it successfully achieves the objective of creating awareness….a must read for all the book lovers…

  2. Sachin Singh says:

    Though i am not a avid reader but when i started reading it i never felt leaving it even for having lunch… the book talks about the actual india that is the rural india in 21st century still fighiting to liberate. How you, have to fight not only for yourself but for your society, to stand up against the ocean. The ocean of poverty, society, evil and yourself. A beautiful, well written novel where you will find various protoganists stand against the ocean and win the battle.

  3. nupur nangalia says:

    hope to get some more good pieces like it

  4. nupur nangalia says:

    i read the starting of the book and its just amazing
    waiting to read the whole book asap..

  5. sudarshan says:

    its an awesome piece..unputdownable..a true picture of the vivid indian background.

  6. Sahil says:

    looking forward to read the book..

  7. Manvendra Singh says:

    It takes you to a journey into the lives of the Indian underbelly…

    an unputdownable piece of work…loving it !!!

  8. Tarun Arora says:

    Very well written..Know Sid from last 3 years..His contribution towards writing is clearly visible from this book..gives a feel of a young mind who penned down his observations very well.luv to see more contribution from his side…

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